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Editorial Board


Professor Jan Felba
Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland

Deputy Editor:

Professor Jerzy Zdanowski
Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland

Honorary Editor:

Professor Juliusz Sworakowski
Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland

Advisory Editorial Board

Chris Bailey, London, UK
Frédéric Bernard, Dijon, France
Mikhaylo S. Brodyn, Kiev, Ukraine
Alexander Bulinski, Ottawa, Canada
J. Paulo Davim, Aveiro, Portugal
Roberto M. Faria, São Carlos, Brazil
Andrzej Gałęski, Łódź, Poland
Jerzy Hanuza, Wrocław, Poland
Paweł Hawrylak, Ottawa, Canada
Mietek Jaroniec, Kent, USA
Andrzej Kłonkowski, Gdańsk, Poland
Shin-ya Koshihara, Tokyo, Japan
Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski, Warsaw, Poland
Jerzy Lis, Cracow, Poland
Cezary Madryas, Wrocław, Poland
Bolesław Mazurek, Wrocław, Poland
Ram M. Mehra, New Delhi, India
Bernd Michel, Berlin, Germany
Jan Misiewicz, Wrocław, Poland
Jerzy Mroziński, Wrocław, Poland
Johann Nicolics, Vienna, Austria
Krzysztof Nauka, Palo Alto, CA, U.S.A.
Stanislav Nešpůrek, Prague, Czech Republic
Marek Samoć, Wrocław, Poland
Wiesław Stręk, Wrocław, Poland
Jacek Ulański, Łódź, Poland
Tadeusz Więckowski, Wrocław, Poland
Klaus-Jürgen Wolter, Dresden, Germany

Editorial Office

Editorial Secretary:

Marek Łata

English Language Editor:

Dr. Małgorzata Kramkowska, Ph.D.


Editorial Office of Materials Science-Poland
Wrocław University of Science and Technology
Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27
50–370 Wrocław, Poland
e-mail: MatSci@pwr.edu.pl

Any new manuscripts as well as materials required MUST BE submitted ONLY via the Editorial System.

Also, the current paper's status checking can be done by its authors after logging into their Editorial System account. The Editorial System has been introduced just in order to facilitate all our authors to be up-to-date with their papers' status without writing any letters to the Editorial Office: anyone can check the status on their own. Therefore, if you have sent your mail or uploaded any files via our Editorial System, you should not await receiving any additional confirmations from the Editorial Office since it is for precisely the reason that this System was developed: you can always check your paper's status in the System as well as all the information concerning your manuscript (including uploaded materials, letters sent and received, any other details and reviews, etc.).